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hope this game is good <3

downloaded a free trial for windows pc virtual desktop, and took the opportunity to try the game!   just wow.  the vibe is somewhat different from the previous title (more' *digital* of course), somewhat more uplifting rather than nostalgic. but i love both of them!

just my curiosity, is the bgm in the mirror world the reverse of the  bgm in the real world?? (i have no idea lol but i don't find the mirror world bgm in bandcamp)



Coolest game ive played recently i would love to know the creation process


SOO GOOOOD. if anyone else is stuck looking for the last character (and i get the feeling she's meant to be hard to find), I starting draw a map starting from the meadow and it really really helped to understand the paths and not get lost and then i stumbled over her as i took a subtle turn i missed a hundred times.

Loved this a lot - Are the poems / songs that all the people say supposed to fit with the music? It really seemed like they did but that might've just been me. 

woah this is so cool!

enjoyed the game so far, but in the brown area where you get a bow and arrow I fell into a hole and could not get out- I think it was supposed to respawn me but it did not and I had to quit the game, loosing all my progress

Is it possible to get through the door with the triangle lock on it, near where you purchase the quick shoes?


Is it even possible to find the guy in the 4th round of hide and go seek?!?!? My friend and I have spent a combined hour+ searching for him. where is he???

Ok nevermind, I found him


Spent 40 minutes looking for the hide and seek man on the 4th hide attempt. I am convinced he was nowhere, and that there was a bug, had to quit the game and lose all progress. I am losing my mind, hope the ending wasn't anything too cool as ill never see it.

is there a way to save ? 


Amazing, as always!

it says that the provider does not accept payment with prepaid. could you fix it?

I'm already using all of's available providers (PayPal & Stripe), so if you are having problems with a provider you have to contact them directly. If you are using a prepaid card, i think paypal is more likely to have a solution for you.

great visuals and environments.

sometimes i got a little tired of slowly walking around, like while searching for the character that plays hide and seek with you, but maybe i just took so long because i wasn't concentrating on the layout of that area.


haven't played yet (since i don't have windows pc) but i know this is gonna be amazing!


i'm not sure when i'll have a mac to reliably test on, but once i do i'll try to make a build  💕


enjoying my playthrough—congrats on the release!


thank youu, enjoy 😊🪞